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H0713U Electronic Portable Mosquito Insect Repellent

RM 25.00

Working principle: portable electronic insect repeller This equipment is based on physical principles, using electronic simulation technology to achieve the effect of driving mosquitoes and insects. By launching, it can stimulate various sound waves of mosquitoes and insect brains, because mosquitoes and insects cannot tolerate those sound waves, so they Leaving a long way.

USB charging: DC / 5V 1-2A, working voltage: 3.7V, static working current is less than 1. 5UA, dynamic working current is less than 1. 8MA working frequency 13-95KHZ (automatic cyclic scanning) power supply: built-in polymer magnetic electrode 100MA.3.7 V. The work light is always on when power is on or when charging. Effective range: 10-70 square meters

Applicable scenes: outdoor tourism, camping, fishing, outdoor work, baby products, pet deworming, safe and environmentally friendly, harmless to people and pets

Sound frequency: 15 ~ 95KHz

Effective range: 10-70 square meter

Output frequency: 13KHz ~ 95KHz

Product color: white/black

Material composition: ABS

Working current: 1.8MA

Battery capacity: 100mAh

Battery type: polymer lithium battery

Charging method: USB charging (support fast charging)

Item size: 4.45 * 1.25 * 6.2cm /1.75*0.49*2.44in

Package weight: 0.1kg