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H0711U Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repels Bugs, Cockroaches Mice Insect Repellent

RM 30.00

Works by continuously transmitting a powerful range of ultrasonic sound waves that drives away pests.
 Non-toxic and harmless to humans and pets, an alternative to toxic chemicals and dangerous traps.
 Protects an area up to 80-120 square meters if there is an open space.
 Just plug in the socket, easy and convenient for use.
 LED light indicates that it is currently working.
 Low power consumption, suitable for long time operation.
 Does not interfere with the operation of radio, television or other electronic equipment.
 Safe, environmentally-friendly, effective protection to help eliminate common household pests.

 Voltage: 90-25V
 Power: 4-6W
 Weight: 100g
 Output frequency: 25KHz-65KHz
 Shell material: ABS
 Size: Height 90mm, Length 56mm, Width 50mm
 Effect range: 80-120 square meters

Package weight: 0.1kg