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BB975BTL Pacifier Straw Dual-Use Children's Drinking Water Cup with Straw Handle Baby Bottle

RM 28.00

Safety lock cup lid

  • Find the lock, gently pull the buckle, press the bounce switch can be opened

Soft Silicon pacifier

  • Soft texture. Suitable for baby, care baby teeth development at the same time

Silicon Suction nozzle

  • Soft texture, not afraid of bite, do not hurt teeth

Rounded Smooth cup mouth

  • Large bottle design, easy to liquid into, easy to clean

Bottle handle

  • Easy to handle, can exercise the baby’s hands coordination ability

Capacity scale

  • Cup body marked with capacity scale line, help your mother to grasp the baby drinking water

Material:  Tritan+PP+Silicone

Size: Height 15cm, Length 12.5cm, Width 8cm

Capacity : 320ml

Weight: 0.45kg