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H0710M Anti Mosquito Repellent Waterproof Buckle

RM 7.00


Plant extract.
Mild not to stimulate the use of green plant essential oils.
It is harmless to the body.
Carry easily. 

  • 100% Brand New and quality
  • It will be the good choice for mother.
  • Perfect for daily life,durable and convenient.
  • High quality and inexpensive, strongly recommend

Product Feature:

1. Effective time is about 2-3 month, which depends on the temperature and environment .

2. Easy to use and carry, Can be clipped on the clothes and belong, Suitable for home, travelling, strolling and hiking, etc.

Ingredients: Citronella Essential Oil, Lemon Leaf Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

How to use:

1. Open the package and take out the button.

2. Attached it to your clothes, bag or other items.

3. You can put it in the package after use to avoid volatilization and prolong the service life.


1. Only for external use. If accidentally contact with eyes or mouth, please rinse with water immediately.

2. Please discontinue use it if any discomfort and sensitivity occurs. If the discomfort continues, please seek for medical help.

3. Children should use it under the guard of adult.

Note: Color sent by random

Package weight: 0.1kg